Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chloe's First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was Chloe's first day of Kindergarten! I can't believe she is already 5! She is really a 16 year old trapped in a five year old's body most days. My little monkey is off to the rat race... I can't believe my life has now been turned over to the public school system. She was so excited to get on the bus this morning. I decided to take her to school the first day and she was a bit disappointed, but when we got to her school and parked the car, she sat there for a minute then looked at me and asked, " but mommy who will get the bags for you?" I thought she was referring to the diaper bag so I said, "We don't need the diaper bag Chloe, we're just going to be a minute.
"She said, no, mom, the baby's bags!" She was worried about who was going to get the baby's nursing bags for me while she was at school! She is such a sweet little mommy.