Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Perfect Meal

Could there be a more delicious, mouth watering meal? Flat iron steak cooked medium to medium rare with swiss cheese melted on top, sushi and a glass of white zin. Heaven. My husband served me this wonderful meal tonite. I think if I were to choose a last meal this would be it. If I were to choose my favorite meal, this would be it. If my husband wants a little nookie, he knows how to get it. Good job hunny. Mmmmm....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Dream Man...

I can't believe it's almost been five years since I met the man of my dreams. He is the most perfect in every way. He washes dishes, gives me massages, gives me sanity breaks, is an amazing father, puts up with my tantrums, keeps me entertained, supports my insane ideas, is my muse and is a gentle, loving, compassionate husband (not to mention the biggest smartass I know). I love you hunny.

My Little Mama Chloe

My little supermodel loves to pose for the camera. Every time I take a picture of one of the boys she poses for me and begs for her picture to be taken too.

She is growing into such a beautiful little girl inside and out. She is an amazing big sister and is my little informer. She loves to keep tabs on her little brothers and let mom know what they are up to at all times. It is a great assistance to me and I am grateful she is so willing to be my little mama.

We recently decided to pull her out of public school and homeschool her. She loves it and has absorbed so much information since we have made the change. I love having her home with me and am excited for the years of learning we have together. She is definitely my little sponge. Her wit amazes me and her view of life is absolutely intriguing.

Ashton my Moon

My moonshine boy is now 3! I can't believe he is growing up so fast! He is working on potty training and I think I almost peed my pants laughing the first time I saw him rip his spidey undies off and run for the bathroom. I followed close behind to make sure he was alright and found he had climbed up onto the seat and was squatting on the side of the toilet seat! It worked though, his aim was perfect. I can't wait til there are less diapers to wash! Yay mom! The other day I was hugging him and said "I love you my son." He looked up at me and said, "no mom, I'm your moon." He is definitely my child that is committed to whatever he is focused on, has his own opinions about everything, likes to do everything by himself, thinks he is indestructible and has an abundance of energy. He is also a very sweet, caring and loving cuddlebug.

Bizzy Boy

My beautiful boy is almost one! I can't believe how big he is getting. His nickname is Bizzy. It is a perfect description for him. He loves to crawl after his big sister and run away from his big brother.

He is walking along the couch and anything else he can pull himself up to. I saw an ad the other day for a new baby helmet called the "thud buster" or something like that. I think I might invest in one.

His smile melts my heart and his cuddles are heavenly.